Reclear Pro

Reclear Pro is a clear coat treatment that is directly applied to the existing paintwork.

A layer of organic lacquer is applied directly to your car’s paint, which fills in existing scratches, which leaves a respray quality finish and shine. It revives the look of your paintwork by providing a showroom quality shine.

The clear coat treatment is available to most cars, no matter the age. If the current layer of top coat of the car’s paintwork is beginning to flake or peel, or has deep scratches down to the metal, the enhancement will be extraordinary, however it will not showroom perfect due to the extent of damage in the current paintwork.

Disclaimer: for flaking or peeling clear coats, this treatment provides a result in an even colouration, it has the ability to remove or somewhat reduce sun patches, and deepen the shine. Dents or metal-deep scratches will be assessed by our detailers before the treatment is applied to examine the extent of the damage. Once applied, your car will still look great, however depending on the the depth of the scratch, it may still be visible.